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Joan Priego woodcarved sculptures


This contemporary reflection on identity is one of the central issues in my work. Contortionists of Siam_2011_wood_110x80x50cms

Treatise of Human nature, installation

Treatise of Human Nature (detail)

The amateur taxidermist



esculturaKonvent 2016Priego4

DSC_0168the secret life of a contortionist

So messed up I want you here


From Nietzsche and Freud the concept of subject that dominated the project of modernity is in crisis. The subject is no longer something stable and becomes a multitude of people (masks) that dwells within him. The subject becomes a theater where he is both the scene and the viewer.

This contemporary reflection on identity is one of the central issues in my work. My figures carved in wood fragments are intended as a metaphor for the fragmentary and multiple subject that forms our individual identity.

In my work there are different levels of interpretation, under a first formal level, full of humor and strong sexual symbolism, there is also a critical approach on our contemporary habits.

Saint Sebastian, modern martyr - Joan Priego

Thus, works such as Contortionists of Siam can also be read as a metaphor for the need for total flexibility and constant reinvention to which we are subject to avoid being left outside the labor market.

In short, what I try to do is to create a work capable of interacting not only with the physical environment but also with the viewer. A work whose aim is to avoid the audience’s indifference and to awaken contemplation as well as reflection.

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