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Joanne DeLomba Surrealist Digital Artist Extraordinaire focuses on women’s movement

Joanne DeLomba Surrealist Digital Artist Extraordinaire focuses on women’s movement.

As a product of the Baby-Boomer generation, I found myself surrounded by iconic images of the times. As a child, I enjoyed the Pop Culture of my generation and as an adult, I have become an avid collector of those magical days-gone-by. In Art school, I recognized all my favorite themes in the visual vocabulary of the popular culture and jumped head-first journey into that world.

I enjoy the graphicness of everyday objects we take for granted, and draw my artistic influences from vintage advertising art, antique tintype photography, Surrealism and contemporary popular culture.

For over 25 years I operated my successful ceramics studio, creating hand painted Art-Pottery while raising my small family, doing laundry and feeding the dog! In my down-time, I taught myself photography and began manipulating images to create whimsical scenarios with a timeless quality. I first introduced my Story Prints as a collection of Giclee prints.

I begin my process by photographing textures, people, objects and whatever I need to build my image. I also draw from my extensive collection of 19 century tin type photographs which I have gathered over the past 30 years. I print on Metallic Pearlesence Archival paper to give it that antique, tintype feel. The medium perfectly mirrors the emotional tone of the image!

This year I won a 1st Prize from the Open Art Miami International Contemporary Art Competition and my work has been featured at Art Basel in Miami.

I also have been lucky to be the Featured Artist on SURREALISM.com as well as on Surrealism.co.uk in Great Britain.

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