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John Tzomakas Art

John Tzomakas Art.

I’m a self taught artist, born and raised in Greece. I started painting around 2014, while writing a novel about Art, in which a painter was trying to seek a safe place from his past memories. In the process, the urge to live some of the character’s feelings guided me into painting. Even if i didn’t had any skill at that point, i returned into writing, while feeling disappointed of the results. I thought it would be easy to paint, arrogant like i was, i dived into the philosophy of Art to to finish off the novel. While being a published novelist, my novel was turned down, cause “we want some romance” culture. At that point, i realized the sacrifices of all the great artists in the past, so i started self studying the motivation of the persons behind the brushes and the techniques. Social status of each era was my next step after feeling empathy for them, and at the end i came onto my own personal conclusion:

“A life without dreams and freedom, is nothing more than a word of four letters.” (Μια ζωή χωρίς όνειρα κι ελευθερία, δεν είναι παρά μονάχα, μια λέξη τριών γραμμάτων)

Feeling torn and furious of the publishers attitude, i started painting, in order to serve Arts with the power of image. Since then, i never stopped painting, striving to be more skillful, and making paints which viewers will only need the title to understand. I don’t know if i achieved it, but i know that painting makes me feel alive and free.

John Tzomakas Art




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