” There is nothing that art can’t express” Oscar Wilde

Jolanta Martyna Pielka – Kether graduated from the Silesian University, Institute of Fine Arts, in Katowice Cieszyn Campus, Poland
Diploma in Graphic Studio under prof. Eugeniusz Delekta

Since 1996 she has been practising graphic art – linocut, intaglio and photography.
She also practices easel painting (oil, gouche, watercolor, acryl)
and makes plenty of drawings and sketches (indian ink, pastel, sanguine)

Her works are exhibited in many galleries in Poland and abroad,
and also in private collections.







Katowice, SILESIA, Poland



* Student festivals of scenery design and visual arts:

– Polish Culture Student Festival “FINAL” 1989
(scenery design in Students Club AKANT, Poland)

– “FAMA” Festival – Świnoujście – 1991
(collaboration in the project and execution of scenery design-
Amphiteatr and accompanying elements)

– Artistic Cooperation with Music Club – “Irek Dudek Blues Basement”
“AKANT” Club, Katowice, Poland

* Exhibition of graphics, paintings and drawings in Zakopane,1998-1999

*creating visual identity, logotype, making advertising campains
advertising compaigns

* illustrations to works of literature
– graphic design – epigrams artwork Jan Sztaudynger “Epigrams”
(part owned by J.Sztaudynger’s Family, Zakopane,Poland)

– Andrzej Bursa Poetry – illustration projects

– illustrations to the story by Marek Grala “The Paranoia Blues King” Less

2000-2002 – Exibition “Busko-Zdrój 2000”
2001 – Membership in Polish Art Association
2002- Photo Review in “Sources” Busko-Zdrój, Poland
2002 – Art Review in BWA Galeria Zielona Busko-Zdrój, Poland
2002/2003 – Fine Art Competition “ART&BUSINESS” – “Picture of Year 2002”
2003/2004 – Fine Art Competition “ART&BUSINESS” – “Picture of Year 2003”
2005 – photo cooperation with the newspaper “Kościuszki i okolice” Katowice, Poland
2006 – individual exhibition in “BOHEMA”, Katowice,Poland
2007 – Presentation of works of art in “Medical Equipment Fair” – Spodek, Katowice,Poland
2007- exhibition-presentation of works of art in Furniture Salon KLER, Gliwice,Poland
2008 – sharing works of art with the catalogue of furniture – MIRAND – Katowice,Poland
2009 – illustrations to the catalogue “STUDIO IDO” – Katowice,Poland
2011 – sharing works of art with the catalogue MEBLORAW ,
2012 – Contemporary Art Fair – “ARTEXPO 2012” – Dwór Tomaszowice, Kraków,Poland
2012 – Charity Auction – “We Play for Susie” Katowice, Poland
2012 – Charity Auction – “HEROES” Fundation – Zamek Krolewski Warszawa,Poland
2013 – Contemporary Art Fair – “ARTEXPO 2013” – Dwór Tomaszowice, Kraków,Poland
2013 – II Art Fair in Krakow , Poland
2014- Contemporary Art Fair – “ARTEXPO 2014” – Dwór Tomaszowice, Kraków,Poland
2014 – DUMBO ARTS FESTIVAL 2014 – New York, U.S.A.

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