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A journalist who spent 4 years Documenting Crumbling Subterranean Stepwells by of travelling in India

A journalist who spent 4 years Documenting Crumbling Subterranean Stepwells  by  of travelling in India 

India is a land of intrigue and there are many wonders which you wont find anywhere else in the world. Many great preservation lovers travel to India to discover.

Victoria Lautman, a Chicago base Journalist gets inspired by Indian country side and documents the stepwells in 7 states before they disappear forever. She takes 120 structures and photographs the stepwells to educate a larger audience in universities especially to architecture students.  You can also

get in touch  or see her work on   Arch Daily.

stepwell-1 stepwell-2 stepwell-3 stepwell-4 stepwell-9

Via (Thisiscolossal.com)