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Journey to Yourself

We are travellers in this world.

Searching for answers, going different directions and still
facing the same questions again and again. Where do
our desires come from?
Where does the melancholy originate from, that sometimes
covers our lives like a veil?


Winter of life

I grew up in garrisons of Russia’s far east. My father was stationed as a young
naval officer with my mother and me in the sub-arctic peninsula of
Kamchatka directly under the volcano Avacha. The harsh life in the garrison,
eternal winters, earthquakes, the rigors of life in the Soviet Union, as well as
the treatment of humans, awakened the desire in me for a different world
early. The extreme contradictions during the collapse of the homeland,
restlessness, loneliness and the constant feeling of insecurity raised the
question for the meaning of life. When I came to Germany, then as an
eighteen years old, many aspirations were very much present. I was given
the opportunity to express those feelings, what was a revelation for me.
The answer was a special pictorial language and the figure of a beautiful
woman, who constantly inspired my dreams and thoughts.
By publishing my paintings, I had the chance to meet many people who felt
spontaneously touched by my art. The feelings of my paintings were shared
by other people, without any explanations being necessary.
Over the course of years, I realized that everyone has a subarctic zone in
life. A cold, lonely zone. And that we all are looking for the way out. Looking
for harmony, warmth and beauty.



Return to the soul

Do you know it? Longing. You can not explain why and what is the point?
Driven by a strong urge and only in hindsight the deeper meaning and size of what happened is revealed… At the beginning everything seems like chaos, a random sequence of events. Until you feel the deeper message of the puzzle. Same with me. Inner images, so seemingly intractable issues, have taken me on constant travel. These trips have led me to the encounter of a beautiful female creature. I realized that this being was always there. She has hoped for the return of the traveler and waited.

The soul was the answer to my questions. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes happy dancing, awakening desire, sensual, strong and vulnerable. And always incredibly beautiful – thats the essence of the human soul.



Time for yourself

You are waiting for an encounter. During a quiet hour in a cafe, a walk in the forest, in the evening hours of the city. In the daily hustle, under the pressure of so many tasks, we often lose the sense of the essence.

Important questions.

When do you have time for yourself?
When do you have the time for an encounter with your own soul?





Sense and sensuality

She reveals her magic in sensual encounters, in return to her own emotions and the pleasurable moments of life. Sensuality is an important part of the human life. It shows with clearly that people are not machines, but sentient beings.





Icons of femininity

She tells her stories about the strength and longings, and mysterious ways in the eternal myth of femininity. Myths which are precisely as old as mankind and always up-to-date.



Art as a bridge

For a long time people believe that art is something elitist. Does the encounter with art require certain knowledge or is it open to everyone?

For me as an artist there was always the question-what makes an artist? Academic career? Socially critical attitude? And really, what is art?

I found the answer for me: I create art, if it touches the soul of the people. If the feelings of the people are addressed, when you feel alive and inspired by it.

I would like to design projects that are close to life. Where people are involved and not excluded. My art thrives on encounters with people and their stories.

I want that my art enriches the daily lives of people, provides access to the beautiful soul of the beholder.



Artist Ekaterina Moré

Ekaterina Moré was born in St.Petersburg in 1976. Since 1995, she lives and works in Germany. Her paintings are exposed in many prestigious galleries in Europe and her designs beautify glass and porcelain. Her art works are in collections around many countries of the world. With her artistic work, she designed public spaces and works on various art projects again and again.

At the heart of her creative work is the woman and thus the femininity as an expression of feelings and emotions. The woman is the symbol of the soul for Ekaterina Moré. Colorful, sensual, and erotic. Her paintings spread a strong energy and are a tribute to every woman. Her unique interpretation and staging talks in a spontaneous and emotional way to people.