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Judith Vergara Garcia – Oil paintings

oil on canvas 46 x 35 cm 2014

title: Invocaciones  This painting represents the death wish. the resignation of the end of life , youth , strength . the black butterfly represents death

Estado de Gracia, oil painting, 60 x 84cm, 2013

Title: Estado de gracia. This painting represents the fragility of life . fertility and desire for life.

Oil on canvas 118 x 89 cm 2013

title: bad blood this painting shows a woman as guardian of the forest where she is capable of building and destroying all that is around you. This cloud forest in which she is rigth now is insecurity and fragility . this is a world created by her that at any time can be destroy. Black birds represent death

Oil on canvas 1.17 x 95.5cm 2013

title: house of cards all that we can build so we can destroy . everything is fragile everything has a beginning and an end and sometimes chance and luck are not on our side


title: Desvario sometimes we seek out even in our dreams and sometimes we end in the middle of a forest trying to find the exit to an eternal labyrinth


the title of this oil painting is “Weak and powerful” this is my atelier where I paint. Here my painting and me.

El Volcán y la Brisa, Óleo sobre tela, 135 x 160 cm, 2013

title: The volcano and the breeze oil painting depicting an ethereal landscape where time is frozen like the youth of this two women

DELIRIO, óleo sobre lienzo,131.5 x 85.5 cm 2013- II

title: Delirio This painting represents the fragility of the young body , the loneliness and emptiness . Youth is like a dream with sad ending that ends in death and old age

Frozen world , óleo sobre tela , 2014

Title: Frozen world My loneliness and my little and magic world





Nostalgia, Técnica mixta sobre cartulina, 31 x 41 cm, 2013

title: Nostalgia This painting depicts the fear that I have of death and the passage of time . the woman sleeps Together with a clock that shows the time that this woman frozen avoiding age