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Julie Potter-Bleach and Acrylic Art

CALM IN THE CHAOS – Julie Potter Art

I love the rain. It brings with it rich childhood memories. When I smell the rain soaked earth, I think of arriving home from ‘playing’ with tingling hands and flushed cheeks, my mothers pleas for us to come inside and our pleads of ‘five more minutes’ at last worn out.

I rarely walk in the rain now, the sensibility of adulthood having taken over my carefree disposition. The nearest I get to it now is enjoying watching it from the comfort of a car or café, rainfall battering the windows. Like music,be it the soft pitter patter of a chilly haze, or an orchestra of thunder, lightning and downpours on the roof or window. I find cam in the chaos.

This is why I made this journey of discovery into creating something that expresses this passion of mine as well as conveying it to others-so they too will see what I see. I feel that the luminosity of bleach and the hidden colours that develop by using it portrays this love of rain and colour. Dye and ink colours are intense, vibrant and individual. There’s a framework within colour scales, but also an element of chance and unpredictability with this process. It is also an ongoing adventure where I continue to discover new and inspiring methods, such as using fabric dyes in my more recent works. I find inspiration in many sources-memories, city walks and photographs. When seen through a wet windshield or café window, the hazy luminescence of taillights on the road and the warm glow from neon signs smear into extended streaks of colour. This lends itself to the irregularity of the marks created when using bleach on fabric.

My work mixes the properties of Graffiti, watercolour and textiles. I have developed an innovative creative process that delves into the boundaries between controlled colour scales and tonal ranges and the serendipity of natural dye bleeds with bleach. In contrast to traditional techniques, this method requires working with the subtle development of layered highlights attained by first removing pigment rather than adding it.

'Pink Hoodie'



'Rain On Umbrella'

'Beauty in Urban Chaos'
'Window Seat'

'The Fall'