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Jungle girl

I went to Antique shop the other day and found this Binoculars and chair.

shop lady was really sweet and nice person. i wasn’t planning to buy anything but i felt bad if i dont because she was nice to my daughter …. sooo i was looking for something reasonable (i checked my wallet and found out that i only had 40 bucks lol

this Binoculars and chair was 30 bucks for both :) i thought maybe it will be good to use for photo shoot.

sadly i only can get typical/common idea with this items lol yes Jungle.

there are movies about jungle too. so i worked on *jungle girl* theme photo with my daughter :)

First photo from Behind the scene. my Daughter always make those face after 3-5min with saying NO MORE PIC! lol img_4721-copy

Behind you!