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Jurga Sculpteur

 Jurga Sculpteur

Jurga was born in 1977 in Lithuania.

Very young, she discovered a passion for drawing and sculpture.
She moved to France in 2001 where she took evening classes to learn modeling the earth. She develops a style specific to her sensitivity.

The success is accelerating and now comes from public orders for monumental sculptures. His works are enjoying increasing success around the world and collectors are mobilizing. Only bronzes are now available. His works permanently exhibited at the Cantele Gallery are rare.

She spends almost half of her time working in an art foundry. His personal involvement in lost wax, chiselling and skating, in close collaboration with the experts at BARTHELEMY ART, explains the technical quality of the works and the emotion that emanates from them.

Under their polychrome or bluish patina, their surface retains all the appearance of the earth. His technique, whose carnal envelope is rough and raw, yet transcribes all the softness and fragility of being.

For her: “The sculpture must be alive. It is everyone around him, the daily life that inspires him.

The young characters that JURGA models do not represent a particular being. See More  : https://www.facebook.com/jurgasculpteur/

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