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Justyna Kisielewicz

My art was exhibited numerous times in Poland (2011-2015) and Santa Monica (2015), San Francisco (2015). In September 2015 I had a solo show in Sydney, (Australia) and in March 2016 I will open another big solo show in Berlin (Germany).

All art works are a seismograph for new trends in digital cultural, pop-cultural and media technology. The paintings have been appreciated by leading collectors as images of mass culture and fixed signs of warning. On a formal level, however, I pay homage to the masters of the past. In contrast to today’s fast pace of life and social media fad, all of my pictures are based on a thorough and long lasting work process which begins with the production of countless sketches and, via detail selection, reaches up to the combination of the composition. Juxtaposition of fast developing media world with traditional-technique art of painting is interesting combination of complementary disciplines in which I take part and depicts on my artworks.


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