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K. Deniz Pireci

The Game is Never Over! – 2015

In her exhibition “The Game is Never Over!” Deniz Pireci questions the past and present and uses porcelain, which is a material that is able to withstand the test of time, as a sign of the desire to exist forever. She brings together hundreds of pieces, the result of three years of production, in this exhibition. Deniz Pireci is renowned for her installations that make art a part of daily life. The award-winning artist this time appears before us with her own conflicts, in the new figures in this series in which she also dabbles with color, pretense and rebellion.

K. Deniz Pireci


2015 Şarlatan 2-Charlatan 2

2015 Şarlatan 1-Charlatan 1

2015 Özgür ve Mutlu-Free and Happy

2015 Nerede-Where

2015 Heryerde-Everywhere

2015 Fikrimi Değiştirdim-I Changed My Mind

2015 Çoğumuz-Most of Us

2015 Çak Bir Beşlik-High Five

2015 Bravo! 2

2015 Bravo! 1

2015 Beni Zorlama-Don't Push Me

2015 Babasına Benziyor- He Takes After His Dad

2014 Sessiz Bekçi-Silent Watcher

2014 Salıncak-Swing

2014 Örtün!-Veiling!

2014 Keşke-I wish

2014 Kalsak-We Stay

2014 Hepimiz-All Of Us

2014 Geçmiş-Past

2014 Dünyaya Geldik-We're Here to Earth

2014 Avatar

2014 Alsak-We Should Take

2014 Akıl Oyunları-Mind Games

2012 Geleneksel Bebekler-Traditional Babies

2012 Gelecek...-The Future...