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Kalashnik Vitaliy. “The Witches” series of paintings

Kalashnik Vitaliy. “The Witches” series of paintings.

It’s hard to unambiguously define the style of a painting signed KALASHNIK. The artist calls it “phantom realism” and hopes for a better definition from critics, while treating such judgments with a sufficient share of irony and skepticism. According to the artist, masterful artistic skills without an original idea as wells as unique creative ideas without due and evident effort can hardly be of any interest to him. His path, as he mentions it with a smile, is to have some hard times before getting a worthy result.

7 paintings from “The Witches” series of paintings, each dedicated both to women in general and to some specific women from author’s life, in particular – images of women at the background of madness going on in artist’s mind and in the world around him.

“Moon – Tide”

No. 7 “Moon-­Tide”,Kalashnik Vitaliy. “The Witches” series of paintings

“Surfing Instructor from Portugal”

 No. 3 “Lonely Woman Going from the Beach”

“Light Maniac Sketch”

No. 6 “Light Maniac Sketch”

“Lisa’s Sinful Thoughts”

 No. 4 “Lisa’s Sinful Thoughts”

“The Many Faces of Mary”

No. 1 “The Many Faces of Mary”

“Surfing Instructor from Portugal”

No. 5 “Surfing Instructor from Portugal”

No. 2 “Harlequin over the Head of Defeated Medusa”

Vitaliy Kalashnik