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Kasaba by Ana Zoric

Nova Varos was created in the16th century and it is linked to the name of Skender Pasha who traveled from Bosnia to Istanbul (1530).

He stopped on a plateau at the foot of the mountain Zlatar, and amazed by the beauty of this wooded landscape and scent of pine, he decided to build township there. After a fire in the 19th century, the town was rebuilt under the name Jeni Kasaba. Turbulent war history, but also the struggle of people for economic and cultural progress during the 19th and 20th century, created new identity of the place called Nova Varos (New Town).

In defiance of the period of modernization, which is still ongoing, the Ottoman matrix, architecture and the spirit of the provincial town at the foot of the mountain resist the passage of time.

These pictures are attempt to show passing of time as part of the wild mountine and oriental character of this town.

Exhibited work


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