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Kerstin Kuntze – WasserLust – WaterPassion

In my series waterpassion° I connect my passionate creative urge with the joy of swimming. 

The graphic editing reveals the core and opens new connections – often the photo dissolves into almost abstract shapes and colors.

 What I’d like to show, is the core – the intensity of feeling life skindeep.

 My art should breathe, what I love most about swimming.The force of the water that reaches the body – exhaling all the discomforts – the connectivity – floating – being carried –  the pleasure of loosing yourself – a primal force that makes you feel life in full extent .

It’s not just about swimming – my pictures become a parable for ‘being’.

A tribute to life – to the power of now.


firewings° about the pleasure of losiing yourself elegance° arise° most of all it's about passion° waterpassion° the catch° jump° perspective° the swimmer° burn the water down° future° this golden feeling° the golden swimmer° paradox paradise° fly° paradise° winter loves to swim° a swimmers heart° mirror° heavy cross°