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kieron williamson paints like an old master

kieron williamson paints like an old master.

Kieron Williamson’s original artwork has sold to collectors all over the world. Since the first public appearance of his unexpected 1st sell-out in 2009 at ‘The Last Picture Show in Town’, a small gallery in Holt, Norfolk in the UK, several further sell-out exhibitions at ‘the gallery’, Picturecraft in Holt and ‘Delamore Arts and Sculpture Park’, in Cornwood, South Devon have celebrated with Kieron and seen his incredible talent rocketed into the global spotlight.Here is a collection of world’s media, featuring Kieron Williamson.

kieron williamson paints like an old master

I was a typical energetic toddler.  I loved playing in the mud, investigating bugs, finding sticks and generally exploring the outdoors.  My parents have always been proud of me, as despite being quiet and reserved at school, I have always been studious, achieving good grades and great comments in all of my subjects.  Living in a first floor flat with no outside space meant that my love and passion for the big outdoors was satisfied with bike rides, trips to the North Norfolk coast, the local country park and Letheringsett ford, I needed space to run around and burn off energy.

kieron williamson paints like an old master

In August 2009, 19 of my paintings made their first public appearance and the rest, as they say, is history!

Overnight I had become a global phenomenon.  We never expected that people would want to buy my work, but people flocked to the gallery to see it and they telephoned and emailed the gallery too. My paintings have sold worldwide.  My first exhibition of work in the November sold out in 14 minutes.  There was interest from over 35 countries worldwide and I started with over 1800 followers on my mailing list and this list is still growing!

And I just kept on painting, painting for the love of it, painting the landscape around me, and spending time with people who also love to put it onto canvas.

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