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Kim Kreatives

“Every piece of work by an artist, every stroke, every mark is a work towards Redefining Infinity” -­ Kim Oberoi

Based in Dubai since 9 years Indian Artist Kim Oberoi is largely a self taught painter and an international exhibitor (Germany, Beijing & Dubai) starting her artistic career in year 2012. Having travelled across the world, Kim has found ultimate solace in the lap of art inspired by people, experiences and emotions which as a result direct her inner visions.

Philosophical and spiritual by nature, her work come to life when the world created in her mind clashes with the reality resulting in mystic energy flows that direct her work, therefore, they reflect her response to life with its people and emotions with emphasis on concept and the design aspect of every work. As a passionate artist she explores and develops her techniques with every stroke of brush creating and inventing a unique art work, through her true sense of imagination and observation of the elements of the environment. She has evolved to the level of not only creating but also capturing interesting angular perspectives of her works through her lense, truly defining endless possibilities. Narrating a storyline independent to each art work, whilst creating a mystic secrecy she says, “The basics of creating visual art starts and ends with a dot and yet its never ending”.

Sharp curves and bright eyes are every where in her works. From contemporary art to illustrations, doodling & painting on glass bottles to creating detailed abstract work with coffee, she is determined to create on every hard surface that fascinates her. To that she adds, “The purpose is to create, touch lives through my work and being able inspire people enough to trigger the thought process without being limited to a certain prototype”. Some of her artworks have monotones but bold usage of forms and contrast colours that make any décor an art­ statement in it self. Over a period of time her love for coffee and the dark brown hues have grown stronger, that define her now. “My works speak. They are dialogues if only you wish to have an honest chat with the light and dark hues that crowd in my canvas,” says Kim.

As a self taught Artist Kim paints in various mediums including charcoal, acrylic, ink, coffee and graphite as well as digital art (sketches). She has found ideas to maximize and recycle otherwise wasted acrylic paints by scraping them off the palate ­completely her unique style. “This way I avoid wasting paint,” she says.

Kim’s reasons to art are just as different as every good artist’s individuality. She has secured commissions for the wall spaces eg. restaurants, hotels, which have become an increasingly interesting element to her portfolio, in addition to private clients local and international. She has steadily been building her profile while working with various mixed media elements as well. “I have a mood for each colour or concept. I am unstoppable,” she says.

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Her huge canvases, detailed work and lively hues are a testament to her undying spirit to art ­passed on her from her father (Retd. Cdr HS Oberoi).

She wants to live and die for the love of art. Its now, that, she says, she is painting and recreating her life.