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Kinshasa world



Illustrations for newsletters for UTERQUE (Inditex group)
Illustrations for Revlon Professional
Illustrations for campaign Vulsini Cosmetics, Fashion Lollipop, Mayimona K (Australian events company)WhatWeWear website, Costard Cravate…
Costume design illustrations for spot of Shakira for Danone by Maria Cordero
Showpackage for Traffic models agency (Spain)
Packaging Vivid Tea
Campaing Gold Crush Hair
Header for IT Moda Cantabria TV
Victoria Brick Lingerie artistic pack
Serefim London Accesories
Social media for Alessia Prekop design
Image for Word of Mouth. British Record Label
Campaign for SHEISNOTFORSALE campaing against the Human Trafficking
Designer for “Waterisforwalking” (Skies for walk in the water)
Brochures for Boutique Naturel, Ruby´s fashion boutique, etc…
Illustrator for fashion magazines as LABB Magazine, Yo Dona, Moose Mag, Pic up, Ragazza, Scartissue magazine…


Kinshasha world.



This painting is part of the collection Animal fauna, conformed for 5 more paintings in the same size; Kinshasa, Kampala, Cairo, Rabat and Pretoria