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A kiss comes from within

A kiss comes from within.

A kiss comes from within; a kiss can easily be felt on the inside. Where there is no kiss at all. Windows let us see though, and out, and in again. Let us watch over different points of view. Windows are to look out of your dwelling, but they also give us a chance to see if someone is home. Windows are there to protect us, and be open in the same instant. In his paintings Paulus shows us several ways, the night and the day, the reflection and the illumination. The romantic lights of the night-time and the wondrous light that shines, illuminating our dreams. Not as a contrast of matter and spirit, but very much as the intermingled in-and outside we all are. It is an observation about how we exist, act and feel on various levels.Witte Wieve.A kiss comes from within

White crow at the monoliths

the Kiss


white dress , lights in the mist

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