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Do you know contact painting with plants technique? No? Me either :) But here you can see how it’s look like

Please wellcome Lithuanian artist – Vilija Jociene, she is passionate for various handicrafts and new techniques probation.

Vilija enjoys EBRU painting, contact painting with plants, making ceramics and other unusual art and handicrafts making techniques.

Vilija’s main job is librarian in Kaunatava’s (small Town in Lithuania) library, but after work she spends her time with passionate for arts woman club, where they trying different creation forms, inviting teachers, organize exibitions, sharing knoledge with each other.

So, with passion, love for art and enthusiasm you can live thoughtful and interesting life!


Strawberry blossom 2015


Ocean ground, 2015


Blossoms, 2015


Under ashtree, 2015


Autumnal Equinox, 2015

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