Krzysztof Gocek (Bazant) – POLAND

Christopher Gocek was born and lived in Glowno. He paints acrylic and oil. Particularly he pleased the landscape. His work have many collectors and art lovers in Poland and abroad. He belongs to the Association of Polish Artists and Designers.

Christopher Gocek enjoys classical divisions with very low or very high line of the horizon. Like Japanese miniaturists, he not afraid of flatness in the paint, making it the decorative value, so that his work can be viewed from different sides and with each reveal the interesting story. Paints according to the principle: “from the general to the particular”, meticulously cares for his expressive landscapes by subtle reflection of light on water, the shadow on the snow, reflection of light on a homogeneous surface of the field or meadow.






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Krzysztof Gocek – Landscapes in POLAND


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