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Krzysztof Gocek – real modern impresionist

Krzysztof Gocek – real modern impresionist.

Christopher Gocek was born and live in Glowno. With a big passion and commitment pursue acrylic and oil painting and the most preferably in intimate formats. His paintings are in private collections in the country and abroad. Christopher is participant in many exhibitions and Polish auctions artworks. Christopher is interested in painting universal landscape, painted by acrylic and oil paint on intimate format canvas and cardboard. Inspired by French impressionist and Jan Stanislawski Christopher consequently works his own artistic style up bravely, experiment with arrangement, invoice and colour. He doesn’t immortalize particular places and happenings but knowingly creates full of inside expression_ nature views from author? fantasy and memories but also from art history, sea rocks, field ways, magic meadows and atmosphere. In the newest village’s landscape Christopher Gocek does research of texture, building a space by colour stains. The artis started to simplify and sort out picture’s space, extracting subtle colour, advantage and introducing staffage : a lonely tree, field way, horizont line.


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