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LA GRANDE MOSA par Caroline Geolle

La Grande Mosa is a Photographic ArtWork realised with photos (taken by myself), of the architecture of “la Grande Motte” classified “20ème century heritage”, recreating an imaginary universe.  These assemblies were we find the repetition, the multiplication, and the repositioning of the forms, involve us an imaginary universe to a symbolic system of reality and realise a force which intrigues or makes smiling. Assemblied with precision as well as asymetric to create an unit, neither perfect, none imperfect. Amazingly, photography, omnipresent in these artwork, disappears of our visual perception to reveal an unique pictorial expression then.sacréguérisseurlareinemosa3 copy72 Vintage circle 72 lepassagesecret copy-72 chouettemosa copy72 Vintage temple Vintage Blue spacemosa roimosa4c Oiseau mosa conseiller du roi