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Lacework-Classics Art Jewelry

A constantly renewable collection inspired by the movement and permeability of lace.

Either by subtraction or by addition of metal, it is inevitably created an intensely decorative result which seems to defy gravity. In combination to the matching of different colours and tones (silk ribbons, precious or semi-precious stones, oxidation) each piece of jewelry acquires sensitivity, a romantic mood, which seems to float in space and even more in time… So light, so fragile, yet so strong!
Enjoy Curly Classics earrings, Moonlight Heart Memories pendant, Half Moon pendant, Talisman Cylinder pendant, Aurora Cylinder pendant, Half Moon Treasure ring and Bow Treasure ring2-IMG_8728 3-Woman-Classic-Pendant-021 - Αντίγραφο 4-Woman-Classic-Pendant-002 5-Woman-Classic-Pendant-010 6-Woman-Classic-Pendant-001d 7-Woman-Classic-Ring-002 8-Woman-Classic-Ring-007a