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ladder to the dream | Katayun Firuzi

Katayun Firuzi is an abstract painter, poet and photographer.

Ladder to the dream is a contemporary painting and it’s a symbol of hope. in this painting along with my poem i am searching hope and fate in life. the ladder which is symbol of growing and searching is going toward sky, means seeking light, the source of inspiration for artist creative mind. using all vivid alive intense colors to show the beauty of our life beside many dark things that is going on these days. my message is to encourage people to never stop dreaming and following the light, which is Hope. without hope life has no meaning and what makes us human, is our way to walking our life searching and exploring our inner light.we shall walk our path and shall never lose our reason for believing of  a better life.

ladder to the dream | Katayun Firuzi

” ladder to the dream ”
I am coming towards you,
I made a ladder
Towards sky
Towards the divine.
For it is an unknown path,
Full of steps,
And flow and fly

A path that never been taken
Upon which I have already began
There is no return,
it’s you
it’s me
and a ladder between.

Katayun Firuzi is an abstract painter, poet and photographer.

Color, light and ” the invisible ” are my materials. In my paintings, I’m trying to find the essence of beauty . the pure beauty by all her sence, not only to achieve a pretty painting, but, to deeply dive in her inner soul.

Among all the pretty things in our universe, ” nature ” is the only place that i can find what im looking for . for me , nature is full of color and light ( the visible ) and silence (the invisible ).

 I am a worshiper of beauty, it’s what my subconscious mind is seeking . I do believe beauty lives in our nature and as long as we feel it, it’s alive.
I like to take my viewer to the journey, suprise him, make him to see his own hidden emotions within my many layers of colors and wonder.
Art is not what you see, but, what you make others to see.

My abstract paintings are my way of contemplation.I observe, contemplate, concentrate and meditate with nature in them.

I try to ” feel “,not only to ” see “.
Nature has music, philosophy, poetry, rhythm,drama, movement, color, light…and “the invisible “.
To undrestand my art, you need to see with the eyes of heart, not by mind.