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Lajni figurine

Lajni is a figurine made out of one-piece hand bent galvanized string.

They can climb, read, chill, run, dance and perform all sorts of other interesting activities. The artist behind this unique project is a big fan of climbing, and the first figurines he ever made were in fact climbers. But that was not the limit. They can be made in various poses, doing all kinds of crazy and amazing stuff. They can be custom made on request, which is what we strive to be doing. The idea is to motivate people with figurines that are into sports, culture and other useful activities. They can represent your goals, your dreams, or can just be a constant reminder to work hard, or to at least exercise and read or simply put improve yourself everyday.12248149_740342022776537_7812531814438566872_o 12208638_737646716379401_1969242691035761718_n 12208332_738991419578264_7628298590578753595_n 12193390_734794013331338_5970477120477231361_n