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lake of Geneva Switzerland

These photo’s are made at the lake Léman  between Lausanne and Montreux in Switzerland, while it was getting foggy I went up into the wine fields and could photograph the sunset, It was a very magical moment with the light and the upcoming mist.  It was nice because that evening more photographers where in that area to catch this magical moment. And as well a beautiful evening photo with the lights in the mountains and snow. I love to play with light, and enjoy the magic of nature, and even I have been living longtime here there is always something new to discover.Geneva lake in the mist soirée 06.02.2016 003.1 soirée 06.02.2016 007.1 soirée 06.02.2016 008.1 soirée 06.02.2016 011.1 soirée 06.02.2016 012.1 soirée 06.02.2016 023.1 soirée 06.02.2016 034.1 soirée 06.02.2016 047.1 soirée 06.02.2016 023.1