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Landscape series

This series of art Work is an attempt to summarize and simplify the nature with some of abstraction by different vision, & trying to look at the world with different colours .& mix the reality with some imaginations from other planets or other places from this unlimited universe As I was trying to work on the conversion of free colored desert to the committee of his color in my country and I sometimes vice versa Vohol Alolwant to only one color black and white and also working on the concept of contradiction is found in nature as it exists in the human psyche. Nature is also based on the contrast between warm and cold colors and color between dark and light and between the horizon line and the vertical line, as well as between simple surfaces and surfaces crowded and complex. On the other hand work on the concept of the line auction model and it is always in abundance in my work. And also there are expressive of some kind there is also the drama of nature as it is in our daily lives nature resembles us completely in every Shii not it is originally and we Nqldha in everything in balance and life and death, harmony and contrast and even emotions. When paint a tree must Shan turns you into a tree and actually this It is a present









landscape series -10 100 x 140 cm acrylic on canvas2

landscape series - 70'100cm acrylic on canvas