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Laurindo Feliciano |Illustration

Laurindo Feliciano is from Brazil, Belo Horizonte, born in 1980.

Laurindo Feliciano is an awarded Brazilian artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

He has lived and worked in France since 2003. His work has been published and exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide.

Most of his collages  share a certain nostalgic flair and shows a great passion he has for surrealism.


Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards – Self-Promotion Illustration Category Winner (2015) CA

The AOI (Association of illustrators) Illustration Awards – Editorial Professional Category Winner (2014) UK

Young Illustrators Award 2014 – Illustrative Art Festival, Nominee (2014) DE

Laurindo Feliciano

Laurindo Feliciano


Laurindo Feliciano

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Via : http://www.laurindofeliciano.com/