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Lavida Art

I was born in the Chicago suburbs and lived there for the better part of my life.

My love for art began in those formative years. No doubt the influence of my mother, having been an artist herself, was the stepping stone that enhanced my love to become a giver.
A painters brush, a composer’s notes, a poet’s pen, all share in the opening up and the leading through countless corridors of a universe within a universe. For each grasps beyond the limitations of mere sight, sound, and understanding. The artistic reach extends between the real and the imagined. They have earned the art of constancy, by way of continually being. Their expression, be it either masqueraded before your face, echoed through your mind, or simply pressed across your heart, are the gifts from these givers. With clarity, they are but one language holding powers to cross all barriers. The artist is ageless and shows no favoritism to the young nor the old. The givers are timeless, for they are before, they are after, they are now, and thus, forever be they the always. A ‘Giver’ among ‘Givers’
In school my talents were first recognized. However, it was approximately at the age of twenty-five that I realized a fuller potential. It was then that I began to take my art to a more professional level. My enriched desire to paint began to intensify, and as I developed physically, mentally, and emotionally, I broadened my artistry to encompass the passionate world around me.
I am a self-taught artist, using my own technique, which is my signature. Although, I have painted with water color, and acrylic, it has been my preference to use the oil medium. Yet, people most interest me. I try my best to capture the essence of the individual and place it upon my canvas. I am not subject to doing only portraits, for I do have eyes for all things, the animate and inanimate. Having placed my signature upon murals, canvas, book covers, and the like. I would like to broaden my field, to include you. Now if you would proceed…..


Last Dance, oil on canvas.  Last Dance so named for the end of a ballerinas career.  How wonderful dance is in it’s expression and experience.  This painting is favored by Lavida as it is and was the end of her dancing career. Moving forward to the arts and being able to recapture the feelings of performing in her younger years.. Last Dance is painted with only black oil paint, the white that shows through is the canvas. This painting is intense and perfect, just like it should be.  A dancers legacy on canvas and a beautiful image of the best of dance, exactly!

“Backstage” Is the rehearsal over, is the performance done, is this ballerina just waiting to get started or perhaps she’s simply in between?  I chose the high temperature of red to magnify the overwhelming emotions that inundate a ballerina.  Yet, no matter how you look at this captivating (24 x 30) oil painting Backstage, it undeniably will be an outstanding asset to any wall that it should adorn.  The love of art, dance, poetry, all combine into making a picture of a giver. life long gifts to the arts.. All art makes for giving forever, past, now, future, forever.. We are!

“Another Sleepless Night’  You will unmistakably feel affection for this wonderful (30 x 40) painting Another Sleepless Night.  I was inspired by a poem of the same title.  Her heartfelt feelings are fully expressed here with simplicity to show the complexity of Another Sleepless Night.  With the delicately suggested dawn and the gentle poise of a woman against a blackened room, this painting depicts turmoil of one who has yielded to the night.  It indicates no particular reason for her sleeplessness, thus helping the onlooker to come into union with this painting done on canvas with oils.  A painting that is sure to move emotion.

This is A painting done by Janet Lavida   2113 a unforgettable year..

A Quiet Season”  A man casually ventures down a shaded path while a woman uninterrupted takes to resting.  This painting depicts the quiet season of youth and older age, during years of maturity there exists turmoil, then entering again into a quiet season..This painting caresses all the senses with an affectionate calmness. It brings a silent peacefulness, a hushed serenity.  Thus, it creates a hand on heart and mind softness to the view.. Hoping to make the same impression of calm when you view A Quiet Season.   Janet Lavida


“Twilight Serenade” You are invited to view my latest addition to my gallery of refined arts.  This oil on canvas  (30 x 40) Twilight Serenade is a sensuous rendition of ballet dancers who perform with sophistication and drama and thought their harmonious performance they give honor to an undying love.  You will not only perceive with your minds eye but  you will sense with your heart the magnitude of this ultimate work.  For Twilight Serenade, brings to mind hours of total pleasure in the art of dance.  As a dancer for many years myself, the harmony of music with dance is exceptional beauty.


“You Dance Like a Flower Grows” Another expressively commanding painting done in oil on canvas (24 x 36).  You Dance Like a Flower Grows is justifiably a beautiful painting.  Not all of us have enjoyed the captivating pleasures of actually observing the delicate nature of a flower’s meticulously slow unfolding, yet we enjoy their exquisiteness without having to know every detail in how they came to be; likewise, You Dance Like a Flower Grows will fill  you with that same admiration.  In this painting, you can see the result of what dance is about, strength and yet gentleness.  The Dancer, is always fragrant and beautiful.