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The project, called THE HUMAN FEARS, is about contemporary individual’s emotions and neuroses.

These artworks show the rejection for some different economic, cultural and social symbols, which generate with their immanence, both symbolic and practical, stress and insecurity to people.

Rejection here means also fear; In fact, there’s rejection both in terms of gesture (the barf action), and of posture (similar to the ostrich that hides its head).
The subject is like a constant along all different jobs; and in all works there’s always the same construction of the image, the direct juxtaposition background-subject, to emphasize the close relationship of cause and effect between the first and the second one.

THE HUMAN FEARS has two functions: It shows the fears of individuals, but it is also a personal journey to get better and better in public performances, that I want to conquer through successive stages of exposure, learning to manage my human fear for this medium.

Le umane paure - Tutti temiamo la visibilità Le umane paure - Tutti temiamo la solitudine Le umane paure - Tutti temiamo il giudizio Le umane paure - Tutti temiamo il fallimento