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“Les Idees Fixes” is a new step forward. Canvas is totally different from paper:

it react lively to the brush stroke, it receiver and re-bounce the gesture, flexes but takes his tension immediately. The discourse is similar to the previous works but while paper is poor medium, canvas has a an aristocratic feel. The colour used is common wallpainetd diluted with floor wax. The approach to canvas is shy and humble. the result isn’t, it is tragic, heavy and light at the sane time. Paper is passive at the beginning and then takes his dominating role with its structured dryness, meining paper has it’s own sense with respect to vertical and horizontal. Canvas follow the gesture and resonate with it.LES_IDEES_FIXES_2


The execution is not different from the rest of my work, a scaffolding of signs that holds monochromatic fields generously layered, fluid, that blends with the charcoal to reveal different shades of grey. Gesture is fast with no time for corrections, barely for deletion by overlays of subseqyent layers.

Seriality is evident in all my work but in this partivular set becomes almost obsessive in the repetion of the same compostional pattern and in the modus operandi. I like to see each piece as part of an unfinite universe. Repetion strenghten the end result, gestures phisylìcally transfer from one piece to the other and transfer thir fonctionne picturale, they contributes to the bulding of the compositive structure of the next piece.