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Let go



john jerick bersamin


That moment when you can do is lay down and cry, pouring down everything. You can only do is cry, and think of all the things you’ve been through, love, work, family, problems. Everything that you did not think will happen, happened in one go. Cry it out, pour it out no is stopping you, let it all go and move on. But after all the crying you must promise yourself that you’ll smile again and see the sun set on a new day with a new life, with a new beginning, with a new goal, and charge everything that has happened to your experience and walk slowly… again…

Self Hug

when there’s too much questions you cant answer, hug yourself. People around you talking about you, all the negative stuff all these things that you didn’t even do. You just sat at the corner, feeling down, then you realize you just need to focus on yourself and not on what others say. Hug yourself when you’re down, hug yourself when you feel everyone turned their back at you. Dont let them kill you inside, fight, do better, never let go of yourself cause at the end of the day its you and yourself knows the answer.