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A Life Amongst Art| A Look Inside A Retired L.A. Delivery Man’s Huge Secret Art Collection

What does a small two-bedroom apartment filled with over 6,500 pieces of art look like? The short documentary “A Life Amongst Art” takes you inside a lifetimes worth of collecting.Enrique

The West Coast art collector scene may have found its answer to Herb and Dorothy Vogel in 74 year old retired delivery truck driver Enrique Serrato. For over 50 years, Los Angeles resident Enrique Serrato has been building an impressive collection of American, Chicano and Mexican art that now exceeds 6,500 pieces covering ceramics, paintings, sculpture and outsider art. Unlike the Vogels, Mr. Serrato kept his collection private for more than 35 years, and only recently opened his collection to a small group of Los Angeleno artists and collectors. Mr. Serrato lives, and surrounds himself in his two-bedroom apartment, with his ever-growing collection which has been called Los Angeles’ best kept secret.

Mr. Serrato’s collection is not open to the public; however, collectors can arrange a viewing to purchase pieces from his collection. Institutions welcomed.

Press and Interested parties can visit citybuild.co for information on viewing this collection.

Artists in the collection:

Pablo Picasso (50’s/60’s Prints), Salvador Dali (60’s Print), Diego Rivera, Ben Shahn, Beatrice Wood, Corita Kent, Siqueiros, Harrison McIntosh, Doyle Lane, Paul Soldner, Alexander Calder, John Kennedy, Rose Cabot, Rick Dillingham, Gronk, Frank Romero, Magoo, Margaret Garcia, Diane Gamboa, Robert Polacio, Jose Lozano, Ann Chamberlain, Jose Ramirez, Joe Bravo, Marsha Judd, Esau Andrade, David Flury, Leo Limon, Zo, David Sloan, Germs, Ann Page, Darren Waterston, Jeff Middlemiss, Patrick Crabb, Frank Gutierrez, Dorothy Hafner, Bob Silver, Yolanda Gonzalez, Steve Schmidt, Monroe Jimenez, Patricia Ferber, Karen Sullivan, Steven Horn, Joseph Maruska, Tony de Carlo, John Rose, Karen Green, David Kitty, Brian Smith, Carson Gladson, Heather Green, Brian Murphy, Jenny Barrett and Luis Vega.

More info: citybuild.co