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Light Veil series

‘As humankind is adapting to connectivity through technology it is ‘screen media’ that is the most common resource for our information and communication, especially for the young to middle-aged population.

It is widely accepted that human technological advancement has overtaken human socio-cultural design and function. Information also streams through to us in the form mirroring almost all facets of life. It is can be as useful as it can be complicating.

With this body of work I wanted to abstractly symbolise how we process our relationship to these tools today through my own experience and that of others who grew up through screen technologies’ recent acceleration (1980’s to 2000’s). I visually interpreted this with surreal representation of light partially illuminating the individual and transforming in various symbolic ways. The distorted light fragments and blends within the setting to signify absorption of and reaction to the beam of information by the person. Metaphorically this abstraction could be perceived as a mix of confusion, responsiveness, influence, learning, obscurity, illusion, effect and instigation.’