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Lilit Sarkisian paints mural art that makes ordinary rooms bloom with personality.

Lilit Sarkisian paints mural art that makes ordinary rooms bloom with personality.

My name is Lilit Sargsyan – I came up with LILIT ART STORE and I want to tell you how it all began.

In 2009, I first began to engage in illustration – I drew sketches from Ukrainian Fashion Week fashion shows right during the show. After some time, she made her own exhibition of fashion illustrations in the “Art Arsenal” as part of UFW – and since then orders for creating drawings for various brands have started to come to me.

So began my career as a commercial illustrator, who has portfolio projects for such large companies as Pepsi, Philipp Morris (IQOS), Helen Marlen Group, PANDORA, Oh My Look! and many others.


I design prints for catwalk collections, draw postcards, brand books, paintings, paint walls, create illustrations for any purpose, decorate storefronts and draw anything that can be drawn.

In 2015, I decided that I was ready to create illustrations for myself. I am ready to launch my own independent free creative brand IIIIT SARKISIAN, which combines fashion and art. So the format of the only monobrand in Ukraine appeared with the products of only one artist, whom you are visiting right now.

On June 1, 2017, we opened our own showroom in the historical center of Kiev – IIIIT ART STORE at 3 Tarasovskaya.

It presents a large assortment of clothing, accessories, gifts with prints, as well as many collaborations with the best Ukrainian manufacturers.

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