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Line as space







Mahbod Adelzadeh
Architect, Artist | Milan, Italy
Mahbod Adelzadeh (1990) is an Iranian young architect and artist based in Milan. He has studied architecture (MArch) at Politecnico di Milano and has different experiences in the fields of fashion design, jewelry design, sculpture and movie making in his artistic life.

He was born in cultural and artistic family in Nowshahr. His parents were teacher and tried to blossom his talent and favorite from childhood. Painting with a handy pencil, was the first skill that he learnt to do which subsequently offered him a new aspect of life. He also plays piano and violin.

During his two-year stay in Milan City, Mahbod experimented with mixing various artistic and architectural drawing techniques to achieve his unique art language, which he calls “2.5 dimensional drawing”.

In other words, he endeavored to create his own style with combination of architectural technique with artistic sensation.This serie of his drawing is titled “Line as space”– that intends to create space with simple and pure lines. In facts, It is a simple drawing which tell you a story by heart and not by hand that can simultaneously represent both simplicity in drawing with complexity in mind. Mahbod has tried to show some cultural, social, natural,… aspects of our life with  simplified walking lines.

Some of them are trying to represent beauties of the Persian culture such as: “Chin Chin-e- Daman”, a rural girl who is dancing with a traditional dress of the northern region of Iran(Guilan), or “The Rhythm of Sama”, inspired by the poetry of Rumi showing a Sufi man dancing to the rhythm of sama.

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