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Lisa Biris Ceramics

My name is Lisa Biris, I m a Dutch ceramist currently living in Amsterdam. I create mostly decorative objects such as bowls, jars or vases and also candle light holders.

Usually I start out by making a basic smooth shape to which I add all kinds of texture. The objects are completely hand-built from either porcelain, porcelain paperclay or stoneware and sometimes color pigments (stains) are added to color the clay itself. I also use glazes, lusters and oxides to either accentuate or offset the texture on an object.

My inspiration comes from all the beautiful shapes, textures and colors nature has to offer, in particular corals, fungi and seed pods. I strive to make objects that are not only beautiful to look at, but that also invite a person to touch it, to feel it and to pick it up. For me texture is a thing to experience, not just by looking at it but especially by touching it. When I’m working on a piece I have a general idea or feeling in mind beforehand on how the object is going to turn out, but during the progress of creation, the clay and object itself tell me where to add a certain texture or color or shape.

please check out my website: www.lisabirisceramics.com

or my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lisa-Biris-Keramiek-230120690444890/

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