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My Little Artworks Tell Big Stories

My acrylic and oil paintings range in size from two inches to two feet tall. Even the pieces you can hold in your palm tell big stories. In the 1980’s and 1990’s I was a biochemical engineer in corporate America, dreaming of living the life I have today as an artist. I paint from the heart and a lifetime of experiences. My artwork is how I share the allegories that have made me into the person I am today. They are stories of anticipation, fear, hope, challenges, joys and triumphs.

"Shooting Gallery" by Debra Keirce 6"x6" oil

“Shooting Gallery” by Debra Keirce 6″x6″ oil

The career designing manufacturing facilities for pharmaceutical companies, and then the days of raising three children to adulthood have shaped the way I see the world. I paint the beauty and capture the magic I see in my surroundings. Those bottles, pipes, lanterns and fabrics – they are hauntingly familiar memories of taking the boy scouts camping, cleaning fermentation tanks, baking for class parties, and troubleshooting filtration systems.

My passion for creating art has afforded me new adventures with gallery representation, museum show openings, countless art show awards and openings, magazine features, and art related trips overseas. As my stories continue, so does my art and I share it all with fans via my biweekly e-news.
"Ring the Bell and Stir Things UP" by Debra Keirce 6"x8" oil

“Ring the Bell and Stir Things UP” by Debra Keirce 6″x8″ oil

"Hook Me Up" by Debra Keirce 20"x16" Oil

“Hook Me Up” by Debra Keirce 20″x16″ Oil

"Roll Over Beethoven" by Debra Keirce 6"x6" oil

“Roll Over Beethoven” by Debra Keirce 6″x6″ oil

"Like a Rolling Stone" by Debra Keirce 6"x8" oil

“Like a Rolling Stone” by Debra Keirce 6″x8″ oil

"Light My Fire" by Debra Keirce 7"x5" oil

“Light My Fire” by Debra Keirce 7″x5″ oil

"All About the Hat" by Debra Keirce 16"x12" oil

“All About the Hat” by Debra Keirce 16″x12″ oil

"Let the Cat Out of the Bag" by Debra Keirce 6"x6" oil

“Let the Cat Out of the Bag” by Debra Keirce 6″x6″ oil

"Earth Wind Fire Water" by Debra Keirce 14"x11" oil

“Earth Wind Fire Water” by Debra Keirce 14″x11″ oil


"Sing To Me" by Debra Keirce 10"x10" oil

“Sing To Me” by Debra Keirce 10″x10″ oil

"When the Nest Empties" by Debra Keirce 5"x7" oil

“When the Nest Empties” by Debra Keirce 5″x7″ oil

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