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Little bird, are you waiting for me to fly away with you?

Birds is the most fascinating subject to paint, either they are moving, flying or stay still.

They are beautiful no matter they are in flocks, or alone. I always like to paint birds in a different way ,to capture the atmosphere they are in, their essence, rather than painting their true anatomy. It’s like using the camera, with a large aperture and slow shutter speed, bringing out the depth of field and bokeh effects.
I like to deliver a story behind my every painting, to present a certain mood that I experiencing, for happiness, for sadness, for a delicate feeling that melt one’s heart. By looking at them, I always feel that there is something that they want to say…

snowballSnowball, watercolor

all night longAll night long, watercolor

autumn leavesAre you somewhere feeling lonely, watercolor

betweentheleavesBetween the leaves, watercolor

best time of the yearBest time of the year, watercolor

cherryCherry blossom, watercolor

comfort zoneComfort zone, watercolor

first of mayFirst of May, watercolor

In the morningIn the morning, watercolor

mistymorningIn the mist, watercolor

seasongreetingsSeason’s greetings, watercolor

the calm before the stormThe calm before the storm, watercolor

when night fallsWhen night falls, watercolor

rush hoursRush hours, watercolor