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Live wire – the art of bringing wire to life

When I look at a subject, I am not just looking at form, I am looking at behaviour and character. I believe that this is the key to bringing my creations to life.

I spent many years creating art in 2D using pencil, oils and watercolour to study the diverse animal kingdom. Often I was asked to paint a portrait of someone’s pet. My main request was that I could meet the animal myself. When I met the animal, I was looking for that subtlety of behaviour which was a key identifier to that specific animal, just as an impersonator would be looking at a celebrity’s unique behaviour in order to play them.Dachshund When people saw my completed pieces, the common reaction was I don’t understand, it’s not just any dog / cat / horse, it’s mine. How do you do it?

The importance of character is as – if not more important that likeness. Just as an impersonator can often look nothing like or even be a different gender that their subject so an artistic representation is not just about creating an identical copyMoorhen take offLast year I discovered the amazing property’s of wire and this in turn inspired me to create in 3D. Since this discovery I haven’t looked back. Once again I have turned to the natural world for inspiration.Silver FoxWith wire I have the ability to create fluidity and delicacy without sacrificing form. MurmurationI have continued studying behaviour and character to ensure that my pieces are truly representational of the subjects. WhippetI have now taken on a large studio which will give me the opportunity to create the larger pieces. This is an exciting time for me as restrictions of space are removed I am preparing to create some very impressive pieces.

Small Cat