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Living Colors

The quintessence of the series Living Colors is: Color is form, form is color. One includes the other, and vice versa.

​I’m convinced that abstract and concrete are two sides of the same coin. Who understands the form, also comprehends the “UN” form. The oil technique marks
a unique combination between rational proceeding and random character of the oil paint. It is Semi Abstract art focus on the human body, which has been an object
​of cult and legend through the centuries. The human being is an everlasting subject that inspires art, and the cultural and creative aspects of reproducing the human form in art allow us to see both the humanity of the person and the expressivity of the individual body. My artistic approach to the human body is to perceive it as the basis of human understanding and the origin of all aspects of life. My method of illustration projects the soul and the aesthetics of the human body and allows us to reflect on our own humanity.

living colors striving 120 x 145 cm oil on canvas

living colors outburst 115 x 130 cm oil on canvas

living colors inebriation 150 x 100 cm oil on canvas

living colors fragil 120 x 145 cm oil on canvas

living colors amorina 85 x 130 cm oil on canvas

living colors ahead 115 x 130cm oil on canvas