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Lola Dupré’s Funhouse Mirror Reflections

Lola Dupré’s Funhouse Mirror Reflections 

Lola Dupré’s collages bend and expand the usual view of object and human form. With her wide focus no human or animal escapes Dupré’s attention, her subjects include famous presidents, celebrities, giraffes and hound dogs.Works distort the original image, either by multiplying limbs or elongating torsos and faces into strange poses using paper and scissors to produce funhouse-like imagery.


themis-with-lisa-carletta-lola-dupre untitled-with-william-kano-lola-dupre

zorki lola dupre

parker the noble lola dupre

exploding hedy lamarr 2 lola dupre

lola-dupre-giraffeVia (Thisiscolossal.com)

More of Dupré’s work can be seen on her Tumblr and Facebook page.