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Loneliness Space

Loneliness space is a very intimate series of works. This series is devoted to my photo travels on Lake Ladoga.

But not the whole lake is equally interesting for landscape photography. The North-West coastline is particularly interesting. It’s a small location near the town of Lahdenpohja. There is Ladoga Skerries.

Ladoga Skerries is a unique natural landscape. The coastline is not high granite mountains, overgrown with pine and moss. The steep banks formed by deep and narrow labyrinths of bays. They are like the fjords in Norway, but smaller in size. Closer to the center of the lake there are islands of different sizes. They have more than a few kilometers to the smallest of several meters. These little islands called Ludas. They have no vegetation, except mosses and lichens.

Since I became the owner of my first camera, photography has become for me an unfailing passion. It was the landscape that became the main genre of photography for me.This is partly due to the fact that my childhood and youth took place in a village near the city. And I went there every summer for the holidays. I always did not like big cities. And in nature, I felt at home.As soon as I had a camera, it became my constant companion in my outings on nature. I shot everything I saw around me. Very soon the shooting of the landscape became the main reason to go on a trip. Sometimes I annoyed my family members who had other plans. These attempts left much to be desired. But I learned from my mistakes and gained experience.The turning point was 2009. I and another photographer went on a trip to Lake Ladoga. We traveled by boat. Surrounded by unfamiliar landscapes, I was really awakened by a real passion for photography. I was struck by the beauty of the harsh landscape. On the front of me opened vast expanses of water, steep banks, overgrown with pine trees on the island and complete solitude. It was just amazing.Ladoga Lake has become for me a place of power. And it remains so today.In those years I shot on the MF camera Mamiya 645 AFD. And I used the film Fuji Velvia 100. In one film was only 16 shots. At the same time, I had to do exposure bracketing. On one film, it turned out 5-6 frames. It’s expensive, believe me.This approach taught me to carefully look for the composition of the frame. It was a great experience. I still have one 64 GB card for a week of shooting today.The combination of careful planning, passion, intuition, choice of place and time, creativity and technical skills is the guarantee of success in my work.Ten years passed. I visited dozens of countries, wrote a guide to Lofoten, conduct workshops. But I always follow the same principles.Being a landscape photographer is not easy. Early to get up, stay up late, wet in the rain, freeze in the wind. But when I think about beautiful sunsets, spectacular sunrises, fantastic journey, you realize that it’s worth it.


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