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Lords Of Cosmic Forces

The series unites artworks which were created at various times within the limits of other cycles:

American Indian, African, Universal or Slavic. I have decided to combine these works in the separate group, as different nations have much in common describing high energies. These artworks represent author’s perception of images of the supreme essences, Creators of the Earth and first ancestors, described in cosmic legends of various nations…

Master of Creative Forces

Master of Creative Forces

On an unknown planet of the spiritual Universe, there lives the Master. All souls ready for an embodiment rise to this planet to receive talent, each her own. The master is concentrated. He cannot miss anybody. His magic wand gives all a star of talent. Color of soul means its relation to a beam of an iridescent spectrum, the beam symbolises a direction of the future activity of the person and its basic features of character. Everyone possesses a special talent, just it is necessary to find it. Each soul moves together with all in one direction of evolution, but each has a different way.

Prototype for the Spiritual Master was the Master terrestrial, the carver of ebony from the Makonde tribe.

...and then Great Kintu gave appointments to the tribes

…and then Great Kintu gave appointments to the tribes

Kintu is a greatest person in Eastafrican mythology, in many legends he is alike the supreme sole impersonal deity – Parabrahman. God descended to Earth was a giant, exceeding the imagination; there was empty and incomfortable on Earth, nothing but sea and ground. Then Kintu called his wife (impersonated matter – Meru) from the heaven, she brought plants and animals in magic pot. Then Kintu and Meru together sculpted people from the clay and animated them. Then Kintu gave the appointment to each tribe. People populated whole earth and distributed plants and animals presented to them. Meru – the heavenly wife of Kintu – dissolved in her children, she gave piece of her soul to everybody. Then Kintu retired to heaven residence over the endless ocean. This legend very clearly reminds about sacred knowledge contained in “The Secret Doctrine” by E.P. Blavatskaya.

There were no land nor men

There were no land nor men

The myth of North Amirican Indian tribe of Gurons about Mother of the World says: There were no land nor men, only fishes, sea animals and sea birds. All was quiet, then the woman fell from the sky. Two polar loons caught her by their wings but she was too heavy for them so they cried for help. The Sea Turtle heard them and said: “Down the heavenly being on my wide back, she will be safe here”. But the Great Mother was not much comfortable on turtle’s back so she asked animals to bring her a pinch of ground from the bottom of the sea. Many of them tried to do this but only frog succeeded. The Great Mother made land from the pinch of ground right on the turtle’s back, and populated it with plants, animals and people which animated with part of her soul.

The Creator

The Creator

The Creator – supreme initial deity, spreading the initial energy from its heart

The subject of this painting is one of the hymns to Mother of the World, which is telling about the moment when all the power of her love woul be required to save the world. Then She will stand on the highest mountain of the world surrounded by flame and the Giving Ray will shine from Her heart, the power of Mother will cover the Earth, our planet will be cleaned and reborn. There are birds – messengers of Gods – on the shoulders of Mother, the edge of the cloth is covered with Lotus – the symbol of connection of the five elements in the primary matter.

In a hymn of Mother of the World, from the book “Cosmic legends of the east”, there is such line: “In Your heart there lives the Ray giving, in Your heart the life is born. ” Mother of the World – the highest spiritual force of the Earth, in her heart is an endless source of spiritual energy which is shown in any, even the smallest being. Color balls in the painting symbolize the souls of beings filled with energy of love by Mother of the World.

The name is a line from a hymn of Mother of the World. Our lady sends a message by the swan Kalakhamsa. The swan is a never-dying personification of triad of a person (an individual soul, the supreme mind, divine spirit) and of communication between the spiritual and the dense world. In many religions, various birds are symbols of communication between heaven and earth, god and person. The Mother’s shield is decorated by the Chintamani signs in twelve spurts of a flame according to the number of zodiac constellations. On the shield there are symbols of septenary structure of a person, and also the connection of the five elements: ground, water, air, fire and ether.

I have seen two wonderful dreams about Mother of the World. During nine years after this I have been depicting various parts of them in different paintings. The image of Mother of the World is so beautiful and supreme, that person could not express it with painting or word. While I still recall in my eyes every detail of both dreams, I have no hope that I succeed to express with paints even little part of great power and richness of the dream. I am still trying even knowing that my attempt to express something that could not be expressed is naive and imperfect. I am applying all my endless love to the Great Mother to every brush stroke. For our children, which hold the Future in their hands, I am trying to explain LOVE TO THE BEAUTY OF SPIRIT with language of fairy-tail image. In this painting, I tried to express meaning of one of the dreams: All in the world, all material nature is endless cover of the Mother of the World.

In a dream, all was alive and moving, all happened now and here. The Mother looked, shifting the cover momentarily, and started to move upwards and grow very fast… Now I am at the foot of giant mountain and on top of it there shines fiery cover of Mother… Looking thoroughly at the tracery on the edge of Her cloth, I am drawn closer to Her. Again looking closely to the pattern on the cover unfolding in front of me, every line of which become deeper and seems alive, I notice that the cover is Heaven and Earth, birds are flying on it and clouds are floating, winds blowing and mountains shining. Returning back to the foot of mountain, I already know how everything is penetrated with Her energy.

I could see near and far, as if with magic prism bringing closer to me all what I look at. I noticed the pattern vibrating with light at the foot of another mountain, and when I looked at it, I saw two children playing with trefoil similar to clove. I saw chilren, the energy penetrating them, and that the reason of the game was growing sprouts of light-bearing matter…