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Lost Memories of WW2 Discovered

Lost Memories of WW2 Discovered

Levi Bettwieser salvages unclaimed film rolls to save then from extinction through his Project Rescued Film Project. Of late he discovered 31 undeveloped film rolls of WWII. He developed dozens of usable negatives that  survived 7 decades. The majority of

them resulted in usable prints. A single unidentified soldier seems to appear in several different shots, who may be the photographer who asked others to get shots of himself.You can scroll through dozens more photos over on the project’s website.

 ww2-2 ww2-3 ww2-4ww2-11 ww2-6 ww2-7 ww2-8 ww2-9 ww2-10

Via (Thisiscolossal.com) Levi Bettwieser