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Lou Patrou. New York artist

Lou Patrou. New York artist Lou Patrou has been drawing and painting faces, designs and figures for decades.


Lou has been drawing and painting faces since the 1960’s and has been steadily creating a body of work with a portfolio that spans over four decades. Patrou’s work is difficult to categorize because he doesn’t always use the same artistic language, repeat the same disciplines or follow a straight direction with his work. One thing you could say is that he is obsessed with making faces and finding new ways to create designs and forms out of them.

Lou Patrou. New York artist

Lou is able to successfully jump between several styles and techniques. His work can go from tight graphic pop art, rendered whimsical and kitschy pieces suggesting patterns to visceral narratives in pencil or pastels.

Lou Patrou. New York artist

While working in a large fine art graphics house in Los Angeles in the mid 80’s Lou started experimenting with reproducing his images as fine art photographic reproductions and over the years began selling large mural prints of his work on various substrates as installation pieces.

Lou has exhibited his work in galleries in New York City, San Diego, Los Angeles, upstate New York and London. His mix of whimsical & Pop, pattern and puzzle, surrealistic images are finding their way onto various products. He exhibits his original work in galleries and also produces limited edition prints. In addition, in the last few years, Lou has been very involved in product development and licensing, and has been incorporating his work into product design. His Hank & Sylvie images have been chosen for design of a collectible Artist Series of luxury limited edition pens due to come out in 2016.

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Lou participated in the Cartoon Network’s 20th Anniversary Show for ComicCon 2012 in San Diego. His painting for the show is featured in the limited hard cover book published exclusively for Turner Entertainment.

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Lou’s Pop Surreal and pattern paintings were chosen to be included in the Firebox Artist Collection of hand pressed collectible micro-booklets that is currently touring France as part of a group show of international artists. His drawing Priest, an elegant and haunting surreal black & white face with decorative tattoos on it was featured on the cover of ColorInk Book a collectible graphic arts magazine. His work has been written about in countless art & design articles and featured in print magazines around the world.





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