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Low tide beaches around the world as canvas. Ephemeral sand drawings and poetic photos!

Sam is a selfmade artist living in Biarritz, south west of France.

Living by the beaches, he uses them as a big canvas as street artist would use a wall, an expression area beyond standards that few media can provide.
He actually drew in France, Spain, Marroco, UK, Jersey, Bermudas, Irland and Portugal, trying to bring his art around the world
His work is double since once the draw is completed, he took photos in the maximum angles that gives him the cliff overlooking the beach before the tide erases all within hours, looking for a certain atmosphere in the picture, a more “poetical” reading and create a real second artwork.
His work is characterized a geometry and poetry that makes us stop and reflect on the magic of a moment, our relationship with nature, and the very essence of our beings.

Part of this large work is collected in a series of  photos digitally printed  on brushed aluminum for the specific light, produced in limited copies.
Video edited forFirst clip made about Sam’s beach art

Bernard Magrez Cultural Institut on the theme never give up (Jamais renoncer, in french)

interview for the german program Euromaxx