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Lucia 2016 – dancer Niki Tsappos by artist Vilija Vitkute

Lucia 2016 – dancer Niki Tsappos by artist Vilija Vitkute.

For this year Swedish “Lucia” artist Vilija Vitkute which is well known for her bodypainting is presenting inspiring, talented, shinning through inner and outside beautiful personality, dancer – Niki Tsappos which is perfect icon for this year “Lucia” because of her talent, hard work towards her dream, her accomplishments from all around the world.

She is inspiration, motivation to many people, women, dancers around the world. Niki shares and shines positive energy for others.



For ones who wants to know more about Niki Tsappos Full you are welcome to whatch inspiring film about Martha & Niki – The Documentary – The Documentary on SVT trailer


All photos, bodypaint – Vilija Vitkute Art



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