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MAGIC WORLD of Olga Zelinska

MAGIC WORLD of Olga Zelinska
Artworks of Olga Zelinska are very powerful and unusual. She was born in USSR, in Republic of Abkhazia.

Was graduated there from art school and university. At first sight one can feel the unique style and a kind of mystical secret or even riddle. Bright range and multiple different colors, as well as multidimensionality, interesting patterns and meditativeness of faces give the artworks additional charm. Artworks of the artist possess huge aesthetic value, bear emotional charge of invention and knowledge of beauty.

These huge yes shining from the very depth of the soul with internal fire, exuding joy or wonder, but always full of clear, obvious, tangible reflections. Reflections, thoughts, work of mind – that is wha stops, appeals involuntarily so it is not easy to tear yourself away. How could it be created? Because in fact, you see a mask – but the mask full of life, internal and hidden, and therefore even more dramatic, powerful, intriguing, irresistibly glamorous. Life of thought is a living operation of thinking and consists of minimal expressive means and maximal creative action. Life of thought itself is a riot, especially in contemporary world, where everything exists showing off its external side, and where in illusive pulsation of events only fluffy exteriority gets admission. Life of thought is a development of eternal strife of Artist, who by the means of artistic images propels public conscience, opposition that gives birth to transformation of society to the humaneness.

You should have strength, courage and assurance, – the very rare qualities of our days, – to maintain such conception so straight and head-on. And so this internal, strong, unbreakable strength pervades delicacy of woman figures, pulsates with a color explosions in geometry of patterns, in mosaic of fruity color combinations, in brilliance of tender glazings, in color and light flux that creates fabulous, vibrating veil full of gentle music, untold words, unfinished gestures and twists that literally enveils each and every image. Individuality of the world of these images comes from the depths – there is a sense of joyful power of elate antiquity and indestructible power of Assyria reflected in the consciousness of contemporary who lives here and now but creates image of promising future, common future of all the humanity!Hekata 90x70

Аметист Лед Небесные-Девы Начало Ловчий-кречет Красная Тара Собачка